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What is Dental Support?

We create administrative and clinical systems based on best practices in the industry to assist dentists in providing the highest quality, patient-centered care to their communities.

Dentists have professional freedom and clinical autonomy in diagnosis, treatment, and decision-making about direct patient care.

Our mission is to assist dentists in providing the finest dental care possible by providing a comprehensive set of support services and best practice tools.
We help with the numerous administrative tasks connected with running a dental practice, such as personnel resources and payroll, as well as information technology and marketing.

The Dental Support Center works to assist dentists in their professional lives, and we are proud of what we have accomplished together.

Dentists, dental professionals, and members of the operating team can use the following Support Center services:

Doctor & Clinical Support

Support from other doctors and dental professionals to help with questions.
Clinical Continuing Education

Opportunities to learn from other dental professionals about the latest techniques.
Annual Doctor’s Meeting

Each year doctors from across the system come together to learn from one another as well as from industry and non-industry leaders.

Regional Directors help make up the local operational team to assist each dental practice in running smoothly and efficiently.
Information Technology

Our IT department supports all of our offices with the latest office and clinical technology.

Dental Support Specialties

Dentistry Practice Support Services

Insurance Verification

Confirming insurance coverage and benefits in real time helps cut down on wait times and phone calls.


We provide dental-specific schedulers to supplement your current phone answering process, ensuring that you never miss another patient call.

Billing Service

It is recommended that you outsource your billing operations.  You can get paid more quickly if you team up with a reliable dental billing service.

Phone Scheduling & Support

Calls from new and existing patients, emergencies, appointments, unpaid bills, record requests, account questions, vendors, and experts are all within our scope of expertise.

Accounts Receivables Recovery

Our dental billing and insurance verification services will help you get paid faster and save you time.

Insurance Billing

Using the most advanced dental insurance accounting system in the country will eliminate your accounts receivable issues.

Support Specialists

Dentistry Practice Support

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